ICML 2003 Workshop

Machine Learning in Bioinformatics 

August 21, 2003
Washington, DC

Background and goals 

The success of bionformatics in recent years has been prompted by, to a significant extent, the influx of machine learning techniques and researchers. Many widely successful computational models and tools used by biologists, such as stochastic models of DNA or clustering methods for gene expression data, have been extensively studied in the machine learning community. Nevertheless, current advances in genomics, proteomics, and cellular function modeling coupled with sharp increase in ability to generate high-throughput biological data create new opportunities for high-impact collaboration of the two communities and pose new challenges for the rest of machine learning community. Bioinformatics provides an interesting application domain for intelligent systems that learn models from data for causal modeling, time series simulation and prediction, and classification and regression problems in computational life sciences. An ultimate goal of this collaboration will lead to a truly bidirectional high-throughput closed-feedback computer-assisted scientific discovery process where biological entities are abstracted into computational objects that are fed into computers and vice-versa. 

The workshop’s aim is to discuss computational aspects and challenges of important biological problems and, in doing so, identify new research opportunities. A second goal is to establish a forum that will bring together researchers in machine learning face to face with researchers in bioinformatics. The hope is that this workshop will mark the beginning of an important forum where people from two communities can come together and exchange ideas. The ICML venue in the Washington DC area with its proximity to the heart of bioinformatics research in the US is a perfect occasion to do so. 

The workshop will address a number of machine learning applications in bioinformatics with particular focus on problems including, but not limited to

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NEW Program

Invited speakers:


The workshop will be one-day, single track, with poster presentations, invited talks, and panel discussions. 

Submission of Papers 

Prospective authors are invited to submit papers for poster presentation in any of the areas listed above. The length of the paper should not exceed 8 pages. Please use the same style file as ICML conference. We will work towards publishing selected papers in a special issue of (TBD). 

Important Dates 

Full Paper Submission : May 14, 2003 (Please submit paper by sending a pdf file to ashutosh@ifp.uiuc.edu

Author Notification : June 9, 2003 

Final Camera-Ready Submission and Registration : July 15, 2003 

Workshop Location 

The workshop will be held in conjuntion with ICML'2003 on August 21, 2003,in Washington DC.


Vladimir Pavlovic, Dept. of Computer Science, Rutgers University, vladimir@cs.rutgers.edu 

Ashutosh Garg, IBM Almaden, ashutosh@us.ibm.com 

Simon Kasif, Bioinformatics Program and Dept. of Bioeng., Boston University, kasif@bu.edu

Program committee 

Brendan Frey, Toronto
Paola Sebastiani, UMass
Eran Segal, Stanford
Steven Salzberg, TIGR
Gary Strong, NSF
Fernando Pineda, JHU
Tommy Poggio, MIT
Sayan Mukherjee, MIT

Sponsored in part by IBM